David A. Caren

Born in the Bay Area of CA to a heroin-addicted mother, David A. Caren has intimate experience overcoming traumas & hardships. His incredible resilience, massive determination, and never-ending curiosity instilled a fascination with the mind, emotions and human behavior.

He studied psychology, hypnotherapy and life coaching which led to a full-time coaching and hypnotherapy practice in 2004. He met his wife and partner Heather in 2008 and moved to Las Vegas, NV.

Since 2004, he has dedicated over ten thousand hours to thousands of clients worldwide to solve life's greatest challenges, receiving over five hundred five-star reviews.

While he may not have invented the Internet or solved world peace, he is intensely passionate about helping people live better lives through the power of their own minds.

He also appeared on MTV's Teen Mom O.G. working with Amber & Matt along with his wife Heather.

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David A. Caren, C.Ht.
Emotional Optimization Coach™ From DavidACaren.com
Founder of The Emotional Optimization Academy™
Master Of The Mind, Wizard Of Emotions, Solver Of Problems & Creator Of Solutions.

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MORE Than 10 YEARS Of Therapy
"You have helped me MORE, in the past month than 10 YEARS of Therapy!!"
Kerry H.

- Entrepreneur -

More In 1 Hour Than A Decade Of Psychology

"I highly recommend David. He is a joy to work with, and very good at what he does; in short he accomplished in a 1-hour session what a traditional psychologist would accomplish in a decade."

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